Yao Du

I am a PhD student in Informatics (Fall 2016-Present) at University of California, Irvine. I am currently working with my advisor Dr. Gillian Hayes, trying to investigate how to design mobile health applications for language screening and cognitive screening. Prior to coming to UCI, I worked for two years as a bilingual Mandarin-English speech language pathologist (SLP) with both pediatric and geriatric population from various cultural and linguistic backgrounds at private schools, acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, and outpatient clinics. Currently, I am interested in 1) understanding how individuals with disabilities may benefit from assistive technology to facilitate improve their therapy outcomes, and 2) how can health professionals can utilize health information technology to improve their clinical workflow, shared clinical decision-making, service delivery, communication and documentation for holistic and continuous of care for their patients.

Currently, I am working on designing two mobile health applications for screening receptive language delays among young children (age 2-4) and screening cognitive impairment and dementia among aging seniors (age 65+). I plan to use both qualitative research methods (e.g., interviews, surveys, observations, and focus groups) and quantitative experimental research studies for my research. Other interesting themes that emerged from my research include: personalization and customization of standardized healthcare practices, privacy and security related to medical records storage and distribution, and information visualization of clinical workflow.

Currently Following:

Alexa as a home-based therapeutic aid;
Mobile crowdsourcing for psycholinguistic test development;
To be continued.

My Belief on Research

The best education comes from hands-on field work and experimentation. Make a difference, even an ugly difference, don't blantly follow others. Do good science, love knowledge, and have a fun life.

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