Daniel L. Gardner

Dan Gardner is an Informatics PhD student at UCI. He is a member of several labs at UCI including EVOKE, LUCI, TECHDEC and the Transformative Play Lab. His research interests are in how we interact with digital media, more often than through it, and how authority can materialize in the design of media. He is interested in how scholars leverage the affordances of digital technologies in order to develop new methods of knowledge collection, creation, and narration, particularly through collaborative means. Dan brings experience from his professional history of digital animation, video game retail, and Information Technology (IT) security analysis to bear in his work.

Recent Publications and Presentations

2017 - Presentation: "Charting Performative Possibilities in Games: A large-scale census of characters and representation" at Queerness in Games Conference

2017 - Paper: "Chat Speed OP [PogChamp]: Practices of Coherence in Massive Chats" CHI'17, ACM

2016 - Extended Abstract/Presentation: "Gatekeeping Games: A Topographic consideration of Parludic Borderlands" in Proceedings of 1st Joint DiGRA/FDG Conference, 2016

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