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A Life Lived (and Died) Online - March 15th, 2012

From LUCI Ph.D. graduate student Jed Brubaker, LUCI undergrad researcher Lee Taber, and LUCI faculty Dr. Gillian Hayes’s research comes this article at ReadWriteWeb entitled, “A Life Lived Online: How We Talk About Death on Social Media”:

“By examining user-generated content, the researchers were able to observe the grieving process in a naturalistic, public setting. What’s more is that this study focuses on “extreme expressions of grief and mourning in SNS following the death of a friend or loved one.” This means more than just a few Twitter-esque RIPs, trending topics and the dead popping up in one’s Facebook friend list. The researchers sought to expand the current knowledge base around the use of language in online grieving, rather than focus on the fact that people do express their grief on social media.”

The full press article is online here.

The academic article that inspired it is titled: “Grief-Stricken in a Crowd: The Language of Bereavement and Distress in Social Media” and will be published in the upcoming proceedings of ICWSM-12.

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