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Data Science for Social Good - April 24th, 2013

Congrats to LUCI grad student John Brock for receiving a Summer Fellowship to attend the Data Science for Social Good program at the University of Chicago.

“It’s wonderful to see so many people with great analytics, machine learning, and data mining skills and such a passion for doing good in the world. “

About the program

Fellows will work in small teams with mentors from the Obama campaign analytics team and seasoned data scientists from academia and business on high-impact projects in education, healthcare, energy, transportation, and more.

This full-time program is selective, intensive, and hands-on:

- You’ll work with nonprofits and governments to solve big problems with data.
- You’ll learn how to apply statistics, machine learning, and big data technologies to problems that matter.

- And you’ll work collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams.

Our advisors include Eric Schmidt (Google), Rayid Ghani (former Chief Scientist for Obama 2012 campaign), and Jake Porway (DataKind).

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What does it mean to be literate in the Age of Google? - October 19th, 2012

Dan Russell, Uber Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Happiness at Google and an alumni of UCI is speaking right now at the Informatics seminar.

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What if Google Maps went live? - June 20th, 2012

From this site, flux/S 3 comes a video which explores what Google maps could be if it were live. From a bad Dutch translation:

“Since the advent of Google Maps is the visual world at any time in detail on demand. That immediacy is itself, however, static in nature. The experience of a location is not expressed it. Even more difficult is the transferable potential that is inherent within specific coordinates. Those who decide how the surrounding public space vitality can be made? Planners and policy makers are open to participation and a new interpretation?”

“The film was recorded using six cameras attached to fishing rods on the former Philips industrial site Strijp S in Eindhoven. The concept explores ideas around redefining public spaces as places for collaborative performance art.”

Fanfare Parade:Batedeira 1-Charlotte Grips Fotografie - www.charlottegrips

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GroceryTime wins Butterworth Competition - June 7th, 2011

GroceryTime check

GroceryTime award check

Congrats to Boaz Grudin and team for winning $5000.00 in this year’s Butterworth Competition.

Our dean, Hal Stern described the competition this way:

This year’s competition had 16 teams enter with 8 making it through to the final stage of product demonstration. The winning team developed GroceryTime, a mobile app that lets grocery shoppers discover the best products in the grocery store. The members were Jackie Doong, Boaz Gurdin, and Arthur Valadares. They were mentored by alum David Cheng of our Leadership Council. Their prize is $5000 and 6 months rent for space in the Irvine Incubation Center.

Here I’d like to thank Ramesh Jain and [Informatics faculty] Crista Lopes for their help in developing this year’s Butterworth Competition. Several faculty served as team mentors (Ramesh, Don Patterson, Judy Olson, Dan Frost) and I’d like to thank them as well. Finally I’d like to recognize the efforts of Kristin Huerth who put in a great deal of time and did a great job of keeping the competition going until its successful conclusion.

Our hope is to start the Butterworth Competition early in the academic year next Fall. This would enable our teams to join up with others on campus for the Business School’s business plan competition if they desire. If you would like to participate next year (as a mentor, judge, or just to help organize), please contact Kristin Huerth at


First Place Prize: $5,000
Team Members: Jackie Doong, Boaz Gurdin, Arthur Valadares
Mentor: David Cheng

Project Description:
GroceryTime is a mobile app that lets grocery shoppers discover the best products in the grocery store. Today grocery shoppers face a paradox of choice: the abundance in grocery stores is at once gratifying and overwhelming. GroceryTime assists shoppers in two main ways: we help users decide what to buy, and give food connoisseurs a place to share their knowledge with friends and the larger food community. Users can scan barcodes to quickly read and write reviews. In addition to user reviews, brands and grocery stores can advertise directly to shoppers, influencing their buying decision at the point of sale. With GroceryTime, a tasteful life is a barcode scan away!

Second Place Prize: $3,500

Team Members: Azia Foster, Hiroe Ono, Garrett Kim
Mentor: Professor Don Patterson

Seon is an android and web-based application designed to let UCI students define their community for others. Using GPS technology, Seon is able to pin point a multitude of locations, filter them, and show them in real time using the phone’s camera. Users can use this to find desired location, look up operational hours, or discover a new local place.

Third Place Prize: $1,500

Team Members: Alberto Pareja-Lecaros, Ankita Raturi, Nathan Fulton
Mentor: Professor Ramesh Jain

Project Description:
Ubiquity is a private networking client that delivers all your digital content from any device, anywhere, anytime. It offers a Distributed Effortless Workspace (DEW) that gives user’s constant, uninterrupted access to all their files. The DEW connects to a networking infrastructure that seamlessly integrates the user’s digital content into a common Workspace, allowing them to access their files through either a web client or a Ubiquity client installed on any of their devices. Ubiquity also features Implicit Version Control, giving users the ability to pull up previous versions of the same file at any time. Ubiquity will change the way people experience their digital content.

A special thank you to:
Paul Butterworth, B.S. ’74, M.S. ’81
Ilie Ardelean, B.S. ’96

Ilie Ardelean, B.S. ’96
Sherman Chen, B.S. ’89, Health Care Legal Services
David Cheng, B.S. ’91, Program Director, Healthcare Products & Solutions, IBM
Dan Frost, Lecturer, Bren:ICS
John Herpy, B.S. ’85, Boeing
Ramesh Jain, Bren Professor, Information and Computer Science, Bren:ICS
Zack Ji, B.S. ’07, Vocado
Greg Moulton, B.S. ’82
Judy Olson, Bren Professor, Information and Computer Science, Bren:ICS
Don Patterson, Assistant Professor, Informatics, Bren:ICS

Greg Bolcer, B.S. ’89, Ph.D. ’98, CTO and Founder, Kerosene and a Match
Matthew Jenusaitis, President & CEO, OCTANe
Kevin Kinsey, CEO, Netreo
Roger Lloyd, CMO, Immerz,
Brian Roach, Principal Consultant & CEO, Evolve Partners Inc.,
Bob Romney, Chair, Leadership Council, Bren:ICS

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LUCI affiliated team places in Google Juicy Ideas Contest - May 25th, 2010

Juicy Ideas LogoCongratulations to Informatics undergraduate student,  Sabel Braganza and her CSE team mates Jared Haren and  Adrian Guzman for being named one of six national finalists in Google’s “Juicy Ideas Collegiate Competition”.  Teams from MIT, Stanford, and University of Washington are among the other finalists.  Informatics Faculty Member Donald J. Patterson helped advise them.

Ever wondered if Pippin has Wifi?  Does the campus Starbucks take gift cards if so, then “UCI Dining” is the app for you!

UCI Dining grew out of experience gained in Informatics 133, Human Computer Interaction (Software) and some unstoppable student munchies.

Google press release here.

UCI Dining Video

Congratulations Sabel!

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Google Map It - September 15th, 2009

A little humor to follow up on the Google Street View via bicycle posts we’ve had recently.

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Google Street View Collected from an X - July 2nd, 2009

So, it looks like the Google Street View Team has gone pedestrian. You can now look at DisneyLand Paris using the Street View interface. Just for the record the LUCI blog predicted that Street View will go inside buildings before long. You heard it
here first.

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Google Street View Collected from a Bicycle - May 22nd, 2009

From the blog Google Maps Mania comes this photograph of Google gathering data for their Street View system using a bicycle rigged with cameras and geo-location equipment. Bicycles can go where cars can’t. Will there be Google Street View Walkers coming next? And will they go inside malls, office buildings, and other public venues allowing us to get not just external imagery, but actually travel inside buildings in the mirror world as well?

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Thanks Google! - April 29th, 2009

Google just dropped a bunch of unlocked Android phones on us. That rocks! Shout out to the goog.

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Wii + Google Street View = Augmented Reality Jogging - September 30th, 2008