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Social Media Revolution - May 25th, 2010

From left, Butts, Patterson, Venkatesh and Goldberg dissect social media from the vantage points of their individual fields.

From a CalIT2 Interface article which posted in full here.

Is the social media revolution real, or just hyperbole?

UC Irvine professors from four disciplines – humanities, business, social sciences and computer science – weigh in on this hot topic. They are David Goldberg, professor of comparative literature and director of the UC Humanities Research Institute; Alladi Venkatesh, professor of management and associate director of CRITO (The Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations); Carter Butts, associate professor of sociology and director of the Networks, Computation and Social Dynamics Lab; and Donald Patterson, assistant professor of informatics and director of LUCI (Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction).

Q. What are some of the negative implications?

Patterson: As social networks begin to encompass all of life, they bring with them many of the same problems that we have in real, or non-digital, life. I think the assumption that everyone on your social network is a “friend” will be tested. We’ll need to learn how to deal with the people who won’t stop talking, stand too close, creep us out, but whom we can’t just wholesale disconnect from because of social and professional obligations.

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