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Prof. Hayes and Colleagues Autism Research in New University - September 18th, 2013

Wow, this is a great article highlighting all the autism work being done at UCI through STAR. Erick Custodio gets a shout out for Autism AppJam and Gillian says “Technology isn’t the silver bullet” on the record!

“Hayes and her tech students teach families with children with autism how to use iPad apps that improve communication, augmentative and social skills. More specified apps help children with autism exercise healthy hygiene, time management and social interaction. Families use iPads donated to the center by PIMCO, a Newport Beach-based investment firm.”

Full article

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Physical bitcoin with embedded NFC - May 29th, 2013

“The LUCI lab at UCI has prototyped a physical version of the bitcoin digital currency for use when technical infrastructure is not available. It is resistant to counterfeiting through embedded NFC chips which contain password protected validation information. In this video we demonstrate scanning the currency to validate it using a 3rd party app.”

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Smart Refrigerator - June 30th, 2012

Samsung Smart Fridge

Samsung Smart Fridge

I just stumbled across this smart fridge by Samsung. It has finally fulfilled the dream of the future by giving you apps for your icebox. Recipes, Traffic, Weather, Stocks all at your finger tips. NPR’s food blog claims that there is some kind of app for finding lost food in your fridge, but I couldn’t figure out where that claim was coming from.

Really all I think I want is a message board that I can send notes to and from our families phones.

See the webpage advertisement here.

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Informing and Performing: Investigating How Mediated Sociality Becomes Visible - July 21st, 2011

Moleskins and Pens

Congratulations to former Informatics grad student Dr. Sharon Xianghua Ding, Informatics faculty member Don Patterson and their coauthors Wendy Kellog and Thomas Erickson on having their paper,
‘Informing and Performing: Investigating How Mediated Sociality Becomes Visible’ accepted to Personal and Ubiquitous Computing (Springer journal).

Abstract: In the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and ubiquitous computing literature, making people’s presence and activities visible as a design approach has been extensively explored to enhance computer mediated interactions and collaborations. This process has developed under the rubrics of “awareness”, “social translucence”, “social activity indicators”, “social navigation”, etc. Although the name and details vary, the central ideas are similar. By making social presence and activities more visible or perceivable, they provide social context for members to make sense of situations and guide their activities more informatively and appropriately. In this work, we introduce a class of visualizations called social context displays, which use and share graphical representations to depict people’s presence and activity information with an explicit focus on groups. The aim of this work is to examine social context displays in use and contribute new abstractions for understanding how making social information more visible works in general. Through our first hand experience with user-centered design and empirical investigations of two social context displays in real settings, we uncovered not only how they provide social context to inform actions and decisions, but also how members perform and manage their self- and group-representations through the display. Drawing on Goffman’s performance framework, we provide a detailed description of how people react and respond to these two social context displays, and reconsider some of the broader issues associated with computer-mediated interactions such as privacy, context, and media richness.

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GroceryTime wins Butterworth Competition - June 7th, 2011

GroceryTime check

GroceryTime award check

Congrats to Boaz Grudin and team for winning $5000.00 in this year’s Butterworth Competition.

Our dean, Hal Stern described the competition this way:

This year’s competition had 16 teams enter with 8 making it through to the final stage of product demonstration. The winning team developed GroceryTime, a mobile app that lets grocery shoppers discover the best products in the grocery store. The members were Jackie Doong, Boaz Gurdin, and Arthur Valadares. They were mentored by alum David Cheng of our Leadership Council. Their prize is $5000 and 6 months rent for space in the Irvine Incubation Center.

Here I’d like to thank Ramesh Jain and [Informatics faculty] Crista Lopes for their help in developing this year’s Butterworth Competition. Several faculty served as team mentors (Ramesh, Don Patterson, Judy Olson, Dan Frost) and I’d like to thank them as well. Finally I’d like to recognize the efforts of Kristin Huerth who put in a great deal of time and did a great job of keeping the competition going until its successful conclusion.

Our hope is to start the Butterworth Competition early in the academic year next Fall. This would enable our teams to join up with others on campus for the Business School’s business plan competition if they desire. If you would like to participate next year (as a mentor, judge, or just to help organize), please contact Kristin Huerth at


First Place Prize: $5,000
Team Members: Jackie Doong, Boaz Gurdin, Arthur Valadares
Mentor: David Cheng

Project Description:
GroceryTime is a mobile app that lets grocery shoppers discover the best products in the grocery store. Today grocery shoppers face a paradox of choice: the abundance in grocery stores is at once gratifying and overwhelming. GroceryTime assists shoppers in two main ways: we help users decide what to buy, and give food connoisseurs a place to share their knowledge with friends and the larger food community. Users can scan barcodes to quickly read and write reviews. In addition to user reviews, brands and grocery stores can advertise directly to shoppers, influencing their buying decision at the point of sale. With GroceryTime, a tasteful life is a barcode scan away!

Second Place Prize: $3,500

Team Members: Azia Foster, Hiroe Ono, Garrett Kim
Mentor: Professor Don Patterson

Seon is an android and web-based application designed to let UCI students define their community for others. Using GPS technology, Seon is able to pin point a multitude of locations, filter them, and show them in real time using the phone’s camera. Users can use this to find desired location, look up operational hours, or discover a new local place.

Third Place Prize: $1,500

Team Members: Alberto Pareja-Lecaros, Ankita Raturi, Nathan Fulton
Mentor: Professor Ramesh Jain

Project Description:
Ubiquity is a private networking client that delivers all your digital content from any device, anywhere, anytime. It offers a Distributed Effortless Workspace (DEW) that gives user’s constant, uninterrupted access to all their files. The DEW connects to a networking infrastructure that seamlessly integrates the user’s digital content into a common Workspace, allowing them to access their files through either a web client or a Ubiquity client installed on any of their devices. Ubiquity also features Implicit Version Control, giving users the ability to pull up previous versions of the same file at any time. Ubiquity will change the way people experience their digital content.

A special thank you to:
Paul Butterworth, B.S. ’74, M.S. ’81
Ilie Ardelean, B.S. ’96

Ilie Ardelean, B.S. ’96
Sherman Chen, B.S. ’89, Health Care Legal Services
David Cheng, B.S. ’91, Program Director, Healthcare Products & Solutions, IBM
Dan Frost, Lecturer, Bren:ICS
John Herpy, B.S. ’85, Boeing
Ramesh Jain, Bren Professor, Information and Computer Science, Bren:ICS
Zack Ji, B.S. ’07, Vocado
Greg Moulton, B.S. ’82
Judy Olson, Bren Professor, Information and Computer Science, Bren:ICS
Don Patterson, Assistant Professor, Informatics, Bren:ICS

Greg Bolcer, B.S. ’89, Ph.D. ’98, CTO and Founder, Kerosene and a Match
Matthew Jenusaitis, President & CEO, OCTANe
Kevin Kinsey, CEO, Netreo
Roger Lloyd, CMO, Immerz,
Brian Roach, Principal Consultant & CEO, Evolve Partners Inc.,
Bob Romney, Chair, Leadership Council, Bren:ICS

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Javascript demo of a Bubble Cursor - September 23rd, 2010

Bubble Cursor Demo

Bubble Cursor Demo

See this paper for more info: The bubble cursor: enhancing target acquisition by dynamic resizing of the cursor’s activation area

Click here for the demo

Abstract of paper that explains what this is about:

“We present the bubble cursor – a new target acquisition technique based on area cursors. The bubble cursor improves upon area cursors by dynamically resizing its activation area depending on the proximity of surrounding targets, such that only one target is selectable at any time. We also present two controlled experiments that evaluate bubble cursor performance in 1D and 2D target acquisition tasks, in complex situations with multiple targets of varying layout densities. Results show that the bubble cursor significantly outperforms the point cursor and the object pointing technique [8], and that bubble cursor performance can be accurately modeled and predicted using Fitts’ law.”

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Sikuli replays GUI macros using computer vision - June 10th, 2010

Coming out of MIT’s CSAIL is a gui-macro-recording program, called Sikuli, that uses computer vision algorithms to replay GUI scripts. Because it doesn’t hook into anything except the screen rendering subsystem, you don’t have to know AppleScript or any other API to make it work. The computer vision algorithm is tolerant of the click-target moving around the screen and the researchers claim it is somewhat tolerant to changes in the visual appearance of the click-target as well.

It is based on Jython, and available for downloading on Mac (yeah!) and Windows. I think this is one of those programs that if you need it, you need it badly!

This is one of a series of HCI projects that are coming out now which mod the UI using the raw pixels as a guide. The other one I’ve seen recently is by James Fogarty and crew at UW called Prefab. Videos for both systems are embedded below.

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What is LUCI doing? (GreenScanner) - April 12th, 2008

GreenScanner is a system that helps people engage in environmentally preferable purchasing during their everyday consumer transactions. This system includes an online database of community-generated environmental impact reviews, and a mobile phone application to enable consumers to access these reviews at a point of purchase. The vision for this system is to provide a forum for exchange of environmental information in a format that is reliable and exceedingly easy to access. By doing so, the site can help people around the world make more informed decisions, and incentivize companies to engage in more environmentally sound practices.

Bill Tomlinson (wmt -at-
Joel Ross (jwross -at-
Ellen Eramya (eeramya -at-

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CONRAD trial - July 19th, 2007

We have decided to open up CONRAD, allowing you to post whatever pictures you’d like on the 3 displays near the elevator on the 5th floor of Bren Hall. CONRAD is a project focusing on many small displays around a building, allowing location relevant information to be displayed. There are currently 17 CONRAD displays up around the 5th floor of Bren Hall. We have several applications planned for the system, including the Navigation demo shown at the open house. This application – the image slide show – represents our first attempt at making the displays public.

Please feel free to add your own images to the displays, allowing everyone coming to the 5th floor to see them! The image configuration utility can be found here:

Your image must be hosted elsewhere, and you will need the URL to it. Note that all images are rescaled to 480×272, so please crop & scale as necessary beforehand.

Simply login with your UCINetID, select the display you want your image on, and fill out the details. Pictures expire after so many hours, but you may renew them. The Duration sets how long a photo will be displayed before the next one appears – please be courteous and not display your images for too long (10 seconds recommended)!

If there is a demand, we will enable other CONRAD displays around the floor to also show images.

We are currently working out a bunch of bugs in the software. Let us know if you run into problems. This represents the first cut of our Image posting utility – if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them on to me.

For more information on the CONRAD project, see our project page on the LUCI website:

–Nick (Noack)

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Wall display project – Call for Local Developers! - May 12th, 2007

If you’ve been to the LUCI lab recently, you may have noticed a bunch of blue post-its on the walls of the 5th floor. Those are the proposed locations for a bunch (19) of modified PSPs that we are planning on deploying for the building dedication as a navigation system. If all goes well with regard to funding and technology, we are going to ramp this up to a total of ~70 displays on the 5th floor plus an information kiosk at the elevator.

There are a lot of opportunities to help us with this, plus a lot of opportunities to use the hardware for your research. We could really use some local help to roll this out by the 20th. Nick Noack is spearheading the charge and is coordinating volunteers. Here are the immediate needs:

* Display Driver – Develop the code to run each mini display device
- Develop in C/C++
- Involves network coding and basic graphics (in a style similar to OpenGL)

* Server – Develop the backend to handle navigation, administration, and display control
- Develop in Java
- Network & server coding
- Web interface for administration

* Large Touchscreen Driver – Develop the interface for selecting destination & displaying events
- Provide user interface to system & server
- Language & toolkits unknown.

If you are local and interested in helping us develop this application, or would like more info, please contact Nick (nnoack AT

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