IEEE Pervasive Computing: Urban Computing: Call for Papers

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Urban Computing special issue

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Publication date: June 2007

IEEE Pervasive Computing invites articles about urban computing: the
integration of computing, sensing, and actuation technologies into our
everyday urban settings and lifestyles. Successful integration requires
taking several facets of the urban environment into account at once.
Urban settings frame social behaviors; they encompass architectural
forms and features that may or may not be harmonious with given
technologies; and they are increasingly but variably permeated by
wireless networks and fixed and mobile devices. A key challenge is the
great diversity and density of people, devices, and built artifacts
found in urban places. Urban computing ranges from city-wide
transportation-sensing infrastructure, to services embedded in a cafe,
to the bluetooth “aura” of an individual’s mobile phone as he or she
walks down a street.

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