Building a Context aware Infrastructure using Bluetooth

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Congratulations to Jahnavi Kondragunta on passing her Master’s Thesis defense!

Thesis: Building a Context aware Infrastructure using Bluetooth

Context Aware applications are applications that behave according to the context they are placed in. Infrastructures can be integrated with such applications to develop context awareness and modify their behavior according to the changes in the context. In this paper we present a core system that aids in developing such applications. The system estimates the location of people around the infrastructure by observing the bluetooth devices that they carry. The applications can then use this information as desired. To study the viability of bluetooth tracking and the efficiency of the system, an experimental system was implemented and deployed on the 5th floor of Donald Bren Hall at University of California, Irvine. The experimental system was put on a trial run and the results obtained were analyzed. The results show that building a successful tracking system based on Bluetooth is complex and requires significant changes to user behavior.

Donald Jay Patterson (Chair)
James A Jones
Yunan Chen

Congrats Jahnavi!!

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