Nomatic*IM Version 0.0.1 Released

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The Nomatic*IM team is proud to announce the release of Nomatic*IM 0.0.1.
You can download it from here
New features and enhancements:

Learning is aware of
* active processes,
* the process with focus.
Learning is improved
* it is sped up.
* it ignores data without enough support when learning by using information gain.
SQLLite is used to store local history.
Added windows to gui:
* a dashboard to show users sensor info.
* an about dialog
* a news window for pushing out announcements
There is now a preferences dialog
Added support for
* Windows (although there is much more to be done)
* Linux (also much work to be done)
Made a logo for the project
Improved start-up speed by serializing the AI model and saving it to disk.
Licensed the code under GPL v3

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